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Grow Up, Trade-Up

Have you heard of our Kid’s Trade-Up program? When you purchase a kid’s bike from us you can trade it in and receive 60% trade-in value towards their next size bike all the way up to their first adult sized bike!

Kids grow like weeds -- if you have them, you know this. As they outgrow their clothes and shoes, they are also outgrowing their bicycles. We know the cost of replacing bikes can get pricey, so we have a solution that doesn't break the bank.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Buy a kids bike from us 
  2. When outgrown, trade in the bike within 3   years to receive 60%* of original purchase price off the next kid's sized bike. 
  3. Repeat until first adult sized bike.

*Full 60% trade-in value based on condition of trade-in bike. Deductions will be made if the tires need to be replaced, or for other service.