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VeloCity Cycles Social Ride Route 

This is a classic 7 mile route that goes by the Federal Building, through residential neighborhoods, and through campus. 

Family Friendly Route

This is the Beginner & Kid friendly route that has no road traffic and very little elevation change. This route is the perfect place to take your family for a ride. 

VeloCity Cycles Social Road Ride

This is our favorite road ride. The relatively little change in elevation, and the well-trodden biking path makes this ride a beginner friendly ride. We don't recommend this route for children, and we do advise riders to keep a lookout for traffic. 

Check out VeloCity's Strava Club's Latest Rides and Strava Club Stats!

We love to see their routes and awesome posts each week. If you would like to be featured on our Club Rides, all you have to do is join VeloCity's Strava club and log some activity hours. Our customers and community members are putting in some impressive work and putting a ton of miles on their bikes!