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Adam Lilly

Owner, operator, head mechanic this guy is an "Adam of all trades." Adam is from Longview, TX and came to Tuscaloosa to study mechanical engineering. He began working at VeloCity Pro Cycle his freshman year of college and has quite literally climbed all the way to the top. 

He bought VeloCity Cycles in 2018 and has been serving the Tuscaloosa's cycling community ever since.  He has been racing mountain bikes since he was in middle school, and since he could walk, has been working on bikes. 

Check out his favorite rides: 

Morgan Hunt

Morgan runs the show: she co-owns the shop with Adam, orders all the things, manages our social media... the list goes on. She moved to T-town to study engineering, but completed her degree in marketing and finance. While at UA, she met Adam, got into biking, and the rest is history! She became a co-owner in 2020 and is an avid mountain biking and road cycling enthusiast. 

She invests her time coaching the Tuscaloosa Mountain Flyers, being a mentor for the Little Bellas, acting as the DCBC social media chair, and working with city government officials to petition better cycling infrastructure in town! She really does it all- all while being a positive influence for us all!

If you have any ideas for TTowns's cycling community or infrastructure - reach out to Morgan, she'd love to help!

Check out her favorite rides: 

Patrick Cognitore

Patrick has lived a few fun places, but is from Rocky Point, NY and relocated to Tuscaloosa in 2018. He joined the Velo team as a full-time mechanic in October 2021. 

He has been bike-inclined his whole life. He BMXed when he was a tyke in the 80s and started mountain biking in 2005(ish), and has been riding trails since. 

Fun fact: pay attention when watching Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 1 & 2, because he was an actor in the movies (among a few others). He's a pretty cool dude that has many other fun facts. 

Check out his favorite rides:

Logan Strauss

When you come into the shop, say hi to Logan, one of our talented bicycle sales associates! Logan moved from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa to join our team and has fit right in. When he is not riding his new Specialized Turbo Levo or his custom carbon road bike, he is rock climbing and route setting. 

He got into cycling by accident when he signed up for his high school's mountain bike XC race team as an excuse to skip class (he didn't know how to ride a bike at the time). His coach taught him how to ride a bike at a public park the following day. He quickly fell in love with the sport, community, and culture. Needless to say, he is super knowledgeable and friendly.

Check out his favorite rides:

Brad Poindexter

The only guy we know that rocks a leather jacket and padded bike shorts (never at the same time, womp womp). Brad was the former co-owner of VeloCity Cycles, but passed the torch to Morgan in 2020. He is a road biking connoisseur and has ridden every route in West Alabama (probably). 

He has a storied background in wheel building, bike building, and general bike mechanics. He spends much of his time riding his road bike or his motorcycle. Occasionally, he graces us with his presence and helps out in the service department part-time. When you see him in the shop, say hi! 

Check out his favorite rides:

M'Kayla Motley

M'Kayla joined the team in November 2022, fresh out of grad school. She has two degrees in biology with a focus on botany-- If you ever find yourself riding with M'Kayla, listen for her roadside plant IDs. She will try to give pop-quizzes, so be warned! 

She hit the ground running (or biking) and started helping improve the website, social media, and shop organization. She is pretty new to the biking community, but has loved meeting new people and building confidence on the road. 

Check out her favorite rides: 

Clay Fanning

Though he is the youngest employee in the shop, he does not play around. He is knowledgeable and passionate about biking. He started working at Velo in August 2022, but has been coming in to get his mountain bike serviced since he could walk...Not really, but almost. You can find him greeting customers, taking our MANY bike boxes to the recycling center, and assembling bikes out of their box. 

He kicks trail on the Tuscaloosa Mountain Flyers mountain bike team, casually runs marathons, half marathons, and is training for a triathlon. This guy does it all and does it with an infectiously positive attitude. 

Check out his favorite rides: 

Boi Mannequin

Boi is the "bad boy" of biking. He is always rocking fresh new looks and will never be seen without his sick sunglasses (even indoors). A strong, quiet guy, just like the protagonist in all the Hallmark movies, but better at mountain biking. We're not sure why a mountain biking love story has not been made about him and Rad Gurl. It would win all the movie awards.

Check out his favorite rides:  

Rad Gurl Mannequin

She is who we all want to be when we grow up. She has ridden trails and routes that we have had pinned on our Strava for years, AND she looks majestic AF while doing it. She's super humble about it all though. She and Boi are exclusive- Don't get any ideas. 

Check out her favorite rides: